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Photography of trees- Learn the Art Right Now

Have you ever observed these happenings around you? Why nature always attract you and other people? Or why they still like to take pictures with it. The reason is pretty apparent, as the greenery of the trees and the colors of nature attract their viewer. So the photography of trees is now becoming an art that one should learn right now.

Likewise, before learning this art, you should know some basics to help you take the right photograph. Firstly only the tree is not enough to take a good picture. The timing, season, light, and the right angle are also essential to take the picture. Secondly, you should know what kind of trees and images will attract people’s attraction.

Want to know the types of trees? After researching and reviewing, we bring them to you and hope so they will amuse you.

1 Reach the beach

Reach the beach is one of the oldest trees globally; trees’ history is ancient as we know. So photography of such kind of tree will help you to educate the people about it. Moreover, it also allows you to capture the splendor of nature.

These oldest trees are found in Dutch forests, giving you the challenge to test your creativity and imagination. But with the expansion of the population, they were cut down quickly. Photography in the forest is always a great idea as the film industry uses it well to attain attention.

If we talk about the timings, the daytime is highly suggested as they are long in their sizes. So it would help if you had an excellent wide range camera with a tripod. You can choose any angle according to the sunlight before taking the shoot.

2 General Sherman

Like reaching the beach, the Sherman tree is also unique as it is one of the world’s most extended trees. It provides you an opportunity to explore more about it; you will amuse on viewing its size as you look like an ant beneath it.


Likewise, it would be best to wait for any specific season to take Sherman’s photograph. Due to their height, they are entirely available to take pictures during the whole year. So it is one of the most exciting features of it.

Moreover, the daytime is most suitable, especially during the snowfall. It isn’t easy to cover this tree along with you in a picture. So you may take a closeup shoot from any angle, then for a complete photograph, you must have a great camera with the lens, If you want to take a long shot.

3 Angel Oak

Angel oak is not one of the biggest or longest trees globally, but it is unbeatable in majesty. It’s 300-400 years old, and heights only about 65 feet. More interestingly, it doesn’t have a tall stem and spread out near the surface in all directions.

Angel Oak Trees

It is one of the shadiest trees, as it can cover an area of 1700 feet square under it. You can climb on it quickly; they are found in South Carolina numbers near Johns Island. After surviving many disasters, the Angel Oak is still existing, which is pretty much attractive.

If we talk about the photograph, we highly recommend the daytime, especially in the sunlight. As it shines so well during the daylight, and you can observe its shadow. You may take shots of the different parts of the tree, as you can climb on it quickly.

4 Bennett Juniper

Bennett Juniper is one of the oldest and tallest Junipers in America. No one can exactly be mentioned about its age. There are different researches about its age, earlier it is considered 3000 years old, which is an interesting fact to know.

Bennett Juniper trees

The Juniper, Save the Redwoods League owned this tree to ensure its survival and look after it. Bennett Juniper named after a naturalist Clarence K. Bennett; according to him, this tree was 6000 years old. Moreover, its survival in the freezing temperature, low moisture, and strong winds make Juniper more interesting.

Do you want to take photographs? Great, you may find it in Sardine meadows and the Stanislaus forest in California. Moreover, it would be best to take a photograph from a distance of 60 feet tall.

5 Mangroves

They are mostly found in Everglades parks and Jupiter inlet lighthouse’s outstanding natural area.

They are small in size but prominent in their beauty and survival. Mangroves can survive in salty water. With a flexible stem, sometimes they lay on the water and then twisted back.

Mangroves trees

They have a unique structure of roots that filters the water for them. The Mangroves cover with birds during the dry months as they shifted here to built nests and feed their babies. They are so valuable in the sense ad they provide excellent defense against the winds.

Mangroves look so pretty during the evening and early in the morning as they look so delightful in the reddish sunlight. So if you want to have exciting Photographs of mangroves, we highly recommend you to choose the mentioned timings. Gainesville Florida also has some Mangroves trees and we often have to call Gainesville arborist company to help us trim and shape up our trees.

6 Seven sister oak

Seven sister oak has an interesting story behind its name. Firstly it has seven branches, and secondly, it is grown in Mrs. Dobby’s house, which has seven sisters. After that, it was named as seven sister oak. Well, many people considered it a remarkable coincidence.

Seven sister oak

The story does not end here as now the Seven Sister Oak is currently the president of Live Oak society. It won some other awards as well, like the National Champion and Champion Oak of Louisiana. It is about 1500 years old and found in Lewisburg, Louisiana.

It is the most massive certified southern oak tree with 37 feet circumference.

Trees are the sign of prosperity for the country as they are crucial for the environment, land, and the weather. Moreover, all the trees mentioned above are proud of their country, area, and town as they attract many tourists towards them every year.

So the photography of trees is essential in this sense, as you can present a positive picture of your country through it and promote tourism. So we should save trees for their better upgrowing, as they add a special touch to our environment.