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Twins & Multiples

{Newborn Multiples}


What a blessing you’ve been given…multiplied! We love photographing twins and multiples! They certainly present creative challenges when it comes to doing a newborn session with them. But, we view these challenges instead as unique opportunities to showcase them together.

Our Twins & Multiples photography package is structured differently than any of our other newborn sessions. They are always 4 hours long, due to the time it takes to get multiple babies to cooperate at the same time, and because many times multiples don’t sleep as soundly as a typical full term baby that hasn’t spent time in the NICU. This is why we’ve created a special newborn session that is tailored to their specific needs, which allows us to get the very best of them.

We focus on getting photos of your babies together, whether it be twins, triplets, quads, etc., by doing the following mixture of standard newborn poses and additional poses from our popular list: froggy, forward facing, potato sack, supine/forward combination on bean bag, and either supine/forward or forward facing in a bucket on wood backdrop.

Additionally, dependent on time as well as each baby’s temperament and preparation for session, we may be able to achieve other unique poses. For example, for twins…babies can be positioned together hugging each other or inside buckets (or baskets) posed together as they would be in the womb. There is also a yin/yang (foot to head) formulation from above that is very artistic! Sometimes, we are also able to do shots with other family members as time permits (i.e., mom & baby, dad & baby, siblings & baby, pets & baby). In the end, there are a nice selection of photos of the babies together in different environments and variations of those posed situations.

What You’ll Receive: After we have edited and retouched the output of images, you will receive a minimum of 25 high res MEDIUM FORMAT HASSELBLAD 50 megapixel MAGAZINE AND BILLBOARD QUALITY DIGITAL IMAGES (plus their black and white equivalents), totaling a minimum of 50 images from the session. (Note: These are print-ready files printable at any size, and you may print them as many times as you want.)

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