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Brand New Family

{Newborn & Family}


Brand New Family is great for those that want to have their newborn photographed, not just by themselves, but with other members of the family…including furry siblings!

With this RHP package, you get our regular 3 hour newborn studio session, which includes the following minimum 7 standard newborn poses: froggy, taco, side laying, prone, snuggle, forward facing and wood/prop. Plus, we add an additional hour to do shots with other family members as time permits (i.e., mom & baby, dad & baby, sibling & baby, pet & baby). Additional poses (particular to baby) may be added and modified depending on time as well as baby’s temperament and preparation for session.

The above only applies if you have one newborn. If you have twins or multiples, please refer to our Twins & Multiples package.

What You’ll Receive: After we have edited and retouched the output of images, you will receive a minimum of 25 high res MEDIUM FORMAT HASSELBLAD 50 megapixel MAGAZINE AND BILLBOARD QUALITY DIGITAL IMAGES (plus their black and white equivalents), totaling a minimum of 50 images from the session. (Note: These are print-ready files printable at any size, and you may print them as many times as you want.)