Nyc Newborn PhotographyDo you have a newborn child? Schedule a Nyc Newborn Photography session with Deborah Hope Israeli so you can have high-quality mementos of your baby's first 10 days of life in this world. Our newborn studios are in Eatontown and Wall, NJ. We can provide transportation to and from the surrounding boroughs and Manhattan. Learn more in our website.  

Booking a professional photographer in New York City for a baby photography session might seem expensive, but it’s one of the best investments you can make. It allows you to preserve the image of your baby in his or her delicate newborn state, which lasts only a few weeks.  
Some parents think that they can take photos of their babies on their own, but it is actually better to hire a professional nyc newborn photographer. It’s not easy to take creative photos of your baby by yourself. The process is quite complicated. Professional photographers actually ask the parent to hold their baby in a safe and comfortable position to create a certain pose. Hence, babies are not completely alone in the raw photo. Photos go through post-processing to remove the parent who is holding the baby in place.
The first two weeks after your baby's birth can be a difficult period of adjustment. You may not have time to devote to take pictures in between feedings and caring for your baby. Hence, it makes more sense to find a photographer in New Jersey for a professional newborn photography session.
Remember: Don’t entrust the photo shoot to just any person with a camera. Hire someone with experience in the art of newborn photography, like Deborah Hope Israeli. View her portfolio on this website or contact Redhead Photography for more information on pricing and packages. Redhead Photography studios are in Wall and Eatontown, New Jersey. Call 908-670-0273 to inquire about transportation.