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Newly Married Gay Family Newborn Photography Session | Asbury Park, New Jersey


Baby Nicholas was one very special baby to this amazing family, who has purchased a Grow With Me Package so that they will have the enjoyment of watching Nicholas grow during the first year of his life, and capturing his milestones along the way. Most of our newborn photography clients choose this package so that they can relish in this very fleeting time, since so much change occurs during the first year of a baby’s life!




This family, a newly married Gay family from Asbury Park, has so much love to give it was overwhelming. On their session agreements they specified that they really liked what we call the “animal hats”, the hats we have that have animal ears or that look like an animal in some way. We used a few Bear (hat with ears) hats and even one with a Giraffe, in one of the poses to customize it to their liking. This is something we always do for our clients, since we always want it to be a personalized experience for everyone, and a unique one at that.

Nicholas Newborn Photography Froggy Pose

While the consistency of the posing is the same, the uniqueness of each session should remain.



This family is a result of our newly passed legislation allowing Gay Marriage, and it makes it even more special for out little Nicholas. Having two mom’s he will grow up with so much more empathy and diversity than many others he will encounter.



He was a great little baby and mom 1 (the one who carried him) really wanted to enjoy her mom & baby shots with her son.





Mom 2 wanted to experiment with having her son on her back, displaying her beautiful and amazing tattoos, and we tried to capture that with her laying down on our wood flooring and positioning baby so both could be seen. What a wonderful, and unique way to show your love for your son!


Carefree and resting on a warm knit blanket with forward facing wood prop pose.





Everyday is new and special when working with such wonderful families! So grateful.

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