Newborn Photography NycYour search for Newborn Photography Nyc ends here at Redhead Photography. We have a good selection of newborn photography packages that includes high-resolution digital images. We recommend newborn photo shoots to be done within the first 38 weeks or first 10 days of life for babies born on full term for the best results. Contact us through our website for more information.

Consider booking one of the best newborn photography nyc for professionally shot photos of your child in his or her first two weeks of birth. Simply schedule a photo shoot at a convenient time and take your baby to the studio. You will need to stay and help the photographer during the shoot, too. Here are some things to keep in mind when assisting the photographer in handling your newborn:
1. Use a soothing voice and be calm.
Newborn babies like soothing, peaceful, and calm surroundings, so keep your voice down and avoid disturbing your baby when he or she is asleep.
2. Pose your baby.
Cooperate with the photographer and hold your baby when asked. Baby photographers can edit you out of the pictures later during post-processing, so the newborn appears to have posed naturally.
3. Stay near your baby.
This way, your baby will sense you, remain calm, and will not feel like you have abandoned him or her.
4. Allot enough time for the shoot
A newborn photo shoot might take hours to complete, so be sure not to rush the session and schedule the shoot at a time when you do not have to do anything else.newborn photography nyc like Deborah Hope Israeli of Redhead Photography considers your baby's feeding times and potty breaks, so those factors also come into play.  
Book a photo shoot for your newborn with Deborah Hope Israeli here at Redhead Photography. You can view her packages and pricing in this website, or contact her via email or by calling 908-670-0273.