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New York Newborn PhotographyDeborah Hope Israeli specializes in New York Newborn Photography, making her the best baby photographers that you can contact for your baby's first photo shoot. Contact her through her website to learn about the pricing and availability of Redhead Photography. Our studios are in New Jersey, but we can tell you about transportation to and from Manhattan.  

Newborns are known for their developing very fast, so in a month, your newborn can will likely look very different from the way he did when you first welcomed him to the world. This is why it is important to schedule the New York newborn photography session with a professional baby photographer within the first 10 days of birth, as long as your baby is full term. 
There are two photography styles for newborns—posed and lifestyle .Lifestyle shots depict images that are candid and more natural, and they can be taken in your home. In a posed newborn photo shoot, meanwhile, you and your baby would visit your photographer's studio for a scheduled session. Posed sessions depict images where your baby is skillfully and creatively posed against different backdrops and setups. Various accessories may be provided to create different looks.
Regardless of your choice, it is important to dedicate your entire day to your baby's photo session. Newborn photo shoots should never be rushed or it may compromise your baby's mood and the outcome of the photos. Babies need to be calm and sleeping during the shoot. You are expected to help the photographer in posing your newborn, too.
Book your baby's photo session with Deborah Hope Israeli here at Redhead Photography. Deborah is a premiere celebrity newborn photographer that has been featured on Fox News and CBS, and published in Bump Magazine, 5X5 Magazine, and Baby Lifestyles Magazine. You can see her New York newborn photography packages and pricing here at Redhead Photography. Call 908-670-0273 to learn pricing and confirm availability.