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New York Newborn PhotographersNew York Newborn Photographers from Redhead Photography can capture the precious first few days of your baby's life and preserve them in beautiful and creative photographs. Visit our website to learn how to inquire for pricing and availability. Our packages include the newborn photo shoot session and high-resolution digital images.  

A newborn photo shoot can be an exciting time for you and your baby. New York newborn photographers recommend scheduling a shoot during the first 10 days for full-term babies for the best results. You are required to be there, too, so you can assist the photographer in posing your baby and keeping your newborn calm. These tips should help you ensure a smoother newborn photo session:
Sway and rock the baby. Babies are used to being jostled while they were still in the womb, so gentle rocking may lull them to sleep. Sway them gently back and forth when they get a bit fussy, even after feeding or burping. Babies are likely to fall asleep because they cannot focus their eyes while moving. A little swaying and your baby should fall asleep soon.
Try some white noise. Unborn babies are constantly surrounded with sound inside the womb. They could hear the mother's heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestive system. Consider using a white noise machine to keep your baby calm and lull him to sleep.
It helps to work with experienced New York newborn photographers, too. Try Deborah Hope Israeli here at Redhead Photography. She has been specializing in taking beautiful images of newborns and can help you soothe your baby. Call us for pricing and availability, and to learn how to get to our Wall, NJ or Eatontown, NJ studio. Be sure to browse this website to explore Deborah's portfolio and discover why she is a premiere celebrity newborn photographer.