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New York Maternity PhotographerDeborah Hope Israeli is the New York Maternity Photographer whom you should call. Her expertise in photographing newborns, children, and babies make her the best person to take professional, creative, expressive, and unique photographs of you while you are still carrying your child. Visit Redhead Photography to learn how to get in touch with her and to view her packages.  

A maternity photo shoot with a New York maternity photographer requires some preparation on your part. Being ready will ensure that you and your photographer can produce the most beautiful and meaningful photographs of this wonderful time in your life. When planning a maternity photo shoot, it is best to consider what you would wear, the style of the photography, and the location of the shoot. Moreover, you should work with a professional photographer with years of experience in maternity photography.
It is best to discuss your requirements and the details of the photo shoot with your chosen maternity photographer a few weeks prior to ensure a stress-free session. Timing is essential, too. The best time to have a maternity photo shoot is usually between your 31st to the 36th week of pregnancy. This is considered a safe time with your belly in full bloom, before approaching the final stages into labor.
Talk to your photographer about the clothes that you want to wear. Make sure that you are comfortable in them and that they do not hide your baby bump. The point of the project is to show off your pregnant silhouette, after all.
Maternity photo shoots can be held at home or in your photographer's studio. Discuss the details with Deborah Hope Israeli, our New York maternity photographer and explore the options in pricing and packages on this website. Redhead Photography offers packages for different requirements. If you are interested in working with Deborah, please inquire via this website.