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Elleanor Newborn Photography Poses | New York, New York


Baby Elleanor was such a good baby (and easy baby) to work with – I was surprised when mom told me she was 6 days old! In my experience, usually babies under 10 days tend to be a little more skittish, where their startling reflexes are greater than a baby slightly older, and thus sometimes, although they are able to curl very well fetally, they startle much easier and aren’t as steady.


Elleanor was completely opposite from that – so calm, so steady, I mistakenly thought she was closer to 2 weeks of age! When mom told me it was day 6 I was in fact, surprised, as she held her froggy position on her own, even without support (though we still never took our hands off of her!).


Elleanor was 8 1/2 pounds of pure delicious baby mush, formed into all our newborn positions perfectly and without any hesitation, and had full cheeks that went on for weeks! 🙂


We used a combination of neutral cream / tan’s and pink for this little princess, starting with the tan froggy, taco, and side laying poses, and continuing on with pink prone, snuggle, and forward facing. She wore a collection of headbands and hats – The rose headband in the froggy position from My Darling Emma, to the light pink bear ears hat from The Knitting Bitty in her side laying pose. She was so well behaved we were even able to do a potato sack (one of my favorite shots to do) with her dressed in The Knitting Bitty’s light pink rabbit ears hat and wrapped in a wrap made especially for us by Mom N Pop Photo Props, which we absolutely love due to the stretchy-ness of the material.









Elleanor’s little knit pants in prone were made by No 2 Willow Lane, another favorite of ours, and the brown baby doll ruffled hat in the potato sack on wood, again by the amazing The Knitting Bitty.




In all, she was able to get 8 amazing poses in a 3 hour period. And with variety (meaning prone both without clothes and with, which is sometimes hard to do).





All in all, just an amazing, adorable baby that I was able to snuggle!

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